• I’m already a member of LOA—I receive the books. What is this program?

    The Library of America Subscription Program is a book-delivery program that has been in place for more than thirty years. LOA Membership is a recently developed dues-paying program.

    The programs do not overlap; you may participate in either or both. We’re grateful for your support through whichever programs you choose!

  • What is the difference between Subscription and Membership?

    In Subscription, you enroll and purchase automatically-shipped books at a special discounted price, on a regular schedule. You never need to renew and may cancel at any time. Subscription purchase payments are not tax-deductible; they are comparable to the purchase of museum tickets.

    In Membership, you pay annual dues and receive specific benefits, including free books, discounts on purchases, and others, outlined at We offer different levels of membership with different benefits. Membership dues renew each year and are tax-deductible.

  • Should I become a member if I am already a subscriber? Why?

    We hope you will as these are different but complimentary roles.

    Members pay tax-deductible dues to show their support for nonprofit mission of Library of America—just as they would join other cultural institutions such as museums, historical societies, or performing arts groups.

    Subscribers to Library of America are valued customers; they pay non-tax-deductible fees to purchase books. Subscribers collect Library of America volumes, frequently in large numbers. Many subscribers have every volume in the LOA Series.

    Subscribers who join as members are building a closer relationship with Library of America, signaling that they are more than customers. They are advocates and supporters of LOA’s unique mission to ensure the presence and prominence of great American writing in our culture.

  • I have already donated to the Library of America. Does that count toward my Membership dues?

    It does not. Because the tax-deductibility is different, Membership is a separate program from our general fundraising. However, both types of contributions support the mission of Library of America and help preserve the nation’s best writing.

  • How many free books do I receive as a Member?

    It depends on the level at which you join. Members at all levels receive one free book upon joining. At the Readers Circle level, you would receive a total of two. At Publishers Circle, a total of three. At Patrons Circle, a total of four. At Presidents Circle, a total of five.

  • May I choose what free books I receive?

    All Members receive the Joining Bonus title we’ve selected for you. At the Readers Circle level and above, you may select the additional title(s) yourself. We’ll send a list in your Welcome materials to help you make your choice.

  • If I’m a Subscriber, can I get the free books in the slipcased format to match my collection?

    Absolutely! When you enroll, we check our records to see the format you’ve previously received to make sure that your new volumes will match. If you prefer a different version, just let us know. Don’t worry about getting duplicates: the free books will appear on your subscription account’s history to prevent that from happening.

  • Can I get the free books as e-books?

    No. Although a growing number of our books are available as e-books, we don’t distribute that format ourselves, and therefore cannot issue them for free.


  • How do the discounts work?

    We’ll send a Welcome Packet that includes instructions on how to access your discounts. There is a box on our webstore’s shopping cart page where you should enter your discount code. Alternatively, you may use the code when you order by phone. The code may be used throughout the year.

  • Can the discount be applied to my subscription shipments?

    No. It may be applied only to those books purchased in addition to automatic shipments.

    Discounts do not apply to automatic subscription shipments.

  • Can I use my membership discount at bookstores?

    No. The discount may be applied only to books purchased by phone or through the Library of America website.

  • May I use more than one discount code per purchase?

    Only one code may be used per purchase.


  • How do I find out about Membership events?

    We'll contact you by email when we should schedule an event.

  • My question isn't covered here!

    Please email us at and we'll be happy to help.

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