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  • Build your library and save

    The Library of America series may be purchased on a convenient subscription plan at discounted prices. As a subscriber you pay only $28.95—25% to 45% off bookstore prices—plus $4.95 shipping and handling. (Due to surcharges and delivery delays associated with Covid-19, we are not currently able to accept orders from non-U.S. customers.)

  • Free review

    Review all new and previously published titles before deciding which to add to your personal library.

  • Collect books in a uniform format available only to subscribers

    Each volume is bound in durable cloth, includes a ribbon marker and elegant flyer with jacket copy, and comes in a handsome, sturdy slipcase to protect and enhance your collection. These custom slipcases are available only to subscribers.

  • Receive only the books you want

    We guarantee you'll never get a book you do not want. If you already have a particular book, you're simply going to return it—so we would rather not send it to you in the first place. We'll send you a list of the available books with your first volume, and you mark the ones you do not want to review as part of your subscription.

  • Cancel at any time—no minimum order

    There is no minimum number of books you must buy, and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Start your subscription now

    Examine our books for yourself. There is no obligation. You can start your subscription by examining one of our introductory offers. You may return it for any reason within 15 days and be under no further obligation. If you decide to keep the first volume, future volumes will be sent on approval approximately every six to eight weeks. Each book comes with the same 15-day review period and can be returned without discontinuing your subscription.

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Benefits of subscribing

  • Great introductory offers: Click here to find out more.
  • Convenience: New volumes are shipped automatically.
  • Savings: Special discounted price saves you up to 45% off bookstore prices.
  • Timeliness: You are automatically kept up to date on new titles as they are published.
  • Choice: You can review all new and previously published titles before deciding which ones to add to your personal library.
  • Hassle-free: You may return any volume for full credit (including shipping) within 30 days of receipt.
  • Inside information: You receive regular newsletters about the series and the work of Library of America.
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